Marvel Headlights

About Us

Marvel headlights restoration is not a product off the shelf or a do-it-yourself kit. 
It is a service performed by a professional technician on your vehicle at your location of choice (home or work).

Plastic headlights become discolored, clouded, and yellow over time, lenses can also gather moisture inside which can be harmful for bulbs and electrical hardware, connections and wires.
All of these scenarios can be repaired by us at a fraction of the price of new headlights.
We will bring your headlights to a brand new condition and you and your family will be safer when driving at night.

We also have one of the best warranties in the market: 3 years with unlimited mileage. If you are not satisfied by the time our service is completed on the vehicle, you will not be asked to pay anything, as it should be.

With MARVEL HEADLIGHTS RESTORATION your vehicle is in great hands!
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